LetsPlay400.com Site Update

Below are the latest news/features and bug fixes which have occurred on the site. If there are any features you would like us to add please Contact Us. Also if you are aware of any bugs please Tell Us. Your Feedback is important to us.

Build: 1.7.812 (beta) 29/03/2008

  • Fixed bottom player info and played card display update. This correct details are now displayed correctly and faster.

Build: 1.7.766 (beta) 28/03/2008

  • Display your player rating on your facebook profile and compare with your facebook friends. Click Here For More Info
  • Trialing new code to eliminate random error in game page of RegisterForEventValidation().
  • Fixed bug in player rating display on Game Table page.
  • Now you can retrieve your username and password.

Build: 1.7.523 (beta) 25/03/2008

  • Upload a picture to display during game play.
  • Added Let's Play 400.com site news.
  • Bidding is now consistent with Rules. For example if you are on 30 points your minimum bid is now 3.
  • Display player rating along side player name on the game table.
  • Game table layout corrected to display player's name in full.
  • Fixed known errors on game page when a user leaves and navigates to another page.
  • Allow single player game by checking the "Private Game" option when creating a table.
  • Added links to Share the Let's Play 400.com with other websites such as facebook.